Saturday, January 16, 2010

Despite officials, Tech manages to beat UNC at home

Tech beats Carolina, despite the best efforts of the ACC front office to make sure Carolina got enough free throws to win, changing calls, and ignoring obvious fouls.

However, if you're a Carolina fan, you can be thankful that they only turned the ball over 17 times.  That's an improvement.  And Will Graves was unconscious the 2nd half, so he might provide some outside punch for the Heels.

For Tech, Iman Shumpert dominated, and, watching Favors this season, I think he's playing himself out of being one of the best freshman in the country.  Foul trouble and long stretches where he does nothing are maddening for the previous number 1 recruit in the nation.

Why Tech can play good enough to beat Duke and UNC, yet lose to FSU and UVA (and look uninspired doing it), I don't know.  Paul Hewitt is a pretty lousy game coach, but, he seems to get pretty good players, so, I guess we're stuck with the new Lefty Dreisell.


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