Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fun Times!

Just wanted to go ahead and spread the news.  I was accepted entry into the Help for Heroes 2010 European Rally.  H4H is a charity in the UK here for wounded British soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  The event is to raise money for the charity.  The itinerary is amazing, It's 10 days driving across Europe covering 1800 miles through six countries. 

I'll be driving my 1984 Land Rover 90.  It'll be set up for the offroad events along the way and will likely be painted up by a guy in my squadron who's very talented and has created lots of T-shirts and patches.  I'm going to be doing a bunch of fund raisers here to raise money for the event, but just wanted to share the news with the rest of y'all.  I'll be sure to post updates as I get the truck ready and kitted out.  The event is June 19th-29th, so I won't be in the UK if anybody is planning a visit at those times. 

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  1. Let me know if you sell t-shirts or anything as a fundraiser. I'll buy one and then I can ask girls in my sorority to buy them as welllll