Monday, February 1, 2010

What the iPad Means for the Future of Computing

What the iPad Means for the Future of Computing

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  1. iThings = cool.

    I think all the stuff that Apple is making is cool, but seriously, integrating the elderly and children into computing? How about they learn to type real words. Yes I think elderly that have never used computers before have always had issues, but they can learn, and pretty soon the elderly will be all you 35-55 year olds out there and you'll be the most awesome elderly ever.

    I forsee people's general ability to write properly and communicate fall to the wayside as things become more one touch and you no longer need to actually write anything... I'm sure the journalist types of the family would agree with something like this. It's just like automobiles... people don't know how to do anything with them anymore and it's fun for me to watch as people drop loads of cash to do simple things like change of fix a wiper blade, stop an oil leak, REFILL(seriously) fluids, etc.