Sunday, December 11, 2011

Craziness at our house

The last couple of weeks have been eventful ones for us, so if we haven't been in touch much, I apologize.

Let's see, Thanksgiving weekend, Randell and her boyfriend, Anthony, decided that he was going to buy a dog from some guy in downtown Atlanta.  Since he already had adopted a puppy just weeks earlier and had him at his apartment in school, his parents went nuts (rightfully) and demanded he take the dog back.

Since we're softies, we decided we'd keep the dog until we all decided what to do with him.  Anyway, he's a German Shepherd puppy, about 8 weeks old now, and it is highly likely we are going to keep him.  Daisy is old (14) and Luke needs a big companion, and one with a good disposition, which I am sure out new dog, Oliver, will have.

He and Luke get along well, and Daisy is tired of all of them.
In my other job, I spend a couple days with submarine crews doing workshops of a fashion. This month, I have been to King's Bay and this week, I am supposed to go to Guam for the week, if the Navy can get the travel arrangements made. We will have to see.
Car Mess
Christmas is always a busy and stressful time around here. Amy has a lot of catering gigs to take work, and I am traveling alot this month, and, it's just the Holidays, with decorations, and trees, and trying to plan time for family, etc, etc.

So, Saturday, Amy was going to work a catering event here in town, and less than a mile from her destination, was involved in a head-on collision. Fortunately, she, the other driver and their passenger all walked away. All shaken, and Amy got a decent bump on her knee, but otherwise is fine. Since she was going TO and not from catering, and she was probably going ~30mph and the other car 30-40mph, you can imagine the force of the collision and the resultant state of about $1000 in food in the back of our Murano. Not good. Basically, our Murano emerged as the scene of a major food fight. Since the car is otherwise mangled, we are hoping for a total, so we don't end up with a chicken marsala car.

Some thoughts from the accident victim on this one - wear your seat belt (she was) and you can never prepare for an airbag explosion unless you've been in one. The technology is amazing, as both drivers walked away from this car with just some bruises. Prior to airbags, they would all have been seriously injured. With seatbelts, these are the single most important development in automobile safety. If you don't wear them, do it every time you get in a car, front or back.

Randell's carless, but with me being in Guam for the week, and school out after next week, we don't need the car anyway, but, if we're going to travel over Christmas, it's going to be cramped in the Mustang.

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