Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dog News

I know I'm repeating stuff tonight.

As you know, we adopted a new dog, Luke.  He's almost completed puppy training, and he's very smart.  He's also very large.
Because of his size, we decided to finally get a fence installed.  So, these are pictures of it.  I know, lame.

It actually really improves the backyard, because it creates natural boundaries, rather than tailing off into wild areas.  The best thing is it keeps both dogs in, which is the idea!  And lets Luke run around unfettered, which he needs.

The other enjoyment he's been getting is the city of John's Creek recently upgraded the dogpark at our Newtown Park.  Apparently a local resident (who happens to be one of Ran's friend's dad) won a contest through Beneful to upgrade your dog park.  Winning video below:

Anywho, Randell has been taking Luke pretty much daily to the park, and you should see him whenever she grabs his leash and harness and gets ready to go.  He's crazy happy.  So, I'd say, the park is a success for him, and with Daisy being such a sloth, it gives him a chance to play with other big dogs and socialize.  They also have a little fountain that he loves to drink out of and get wet.  All in all, a good deal, especially since it didn't cost us residents any tax dollars.

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