Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our most recent addition...

In the last couple of weeks, out trusty 2005 Nissan Pathfinder had been making some odd sounds.  So, fearful of the potential results, and with the knowledge that this car has 109,000 miles on it and the model has some transmission issues, we decided now might be a good time to put it to pasture.

So, I set about finding a suitable replacement for Amy.  One that retained the utility of a SUV with the driving characteristics and mileage of a car.  I have wanted a VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI for some time, so, I though that might make an ideal vehicle for our needs.  Big enough for 5, enough room for catering stuff, and 45 MPG highway (the "D" in TDI is "Diesel").

Here's a review on Edmunds.com and a pic of my favorite.

Turns out that after Amy saw the car, she decided, "No way!"

But, she did like the VW Beetle convertible.  Hmmm, this was not the plan.  So, after a test drive, she liked it even more.  Fortunately, the dealer was near closing time, and we had brought the Pathfinder to trade.  When the plan changed to a "fun" car, we decided keeping the Pathfinder was a necessity, so trading my 2004 Jeep Liberty became the plan.  That worked for everyone because we all basically disliked this perfectly respectable and reliable car.

Why all the hatred? I don't know.  Most people complained about the stick shift and the somewhat uncomfortable ride, due to the short wheelbase.

Since the VW dealer was closing, this meant no car that day (Sunday).  And, since the Ford dealer was across the street, I thought we should check out the Mustangs.  Ford introduced a significantly upgraded Mustang for 2011 in February 2010, but with few cosmetic changes.  That meant we could perhaps grab a 2010 Mustang at a good price, and no one would really be the wiser.  The Ford dealer was closed, but they did have enough Mustangs on the lot so that Amy pretty much decided the bigger and more manly car was better than a Beetle.

To cut to the chase, after some Internet work, we found 2 2010 Mustangs at a dealer about 45 minutes away, with low miles (15k) below Edmunds' average trade price.  Use carfax.com if it's available, because for both these it was.  One was a former rental, and the other an off-lease.  So, bye bye Liberty, and hello new Mustang:

If I can get a tow hitch put on it, we may take it on trips!  Not.

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