Monday, September 27, 2010

Update: Jay Brings Bad Luck

I am in Norfolk for an exercise this week and my regular weekend.

This trip is an example of how deviating from your routine screws you over.  I have driven from Atlanta to Norfolk exactly once in 6 years coming here, and that was in July when we were in Corolla for vacation and I was up here anyway.

Due to some scheduling issues with my orders, I decided to drive this time.  I left home early Sunday and stayed in Greensboro for a couple hours before heading to Norfolk.  We've all had that odd feeling when we travel that we've forgotten something, and I kind of had that, but I didn't fully realize it until I got here, unpacked my bag, and realized my Navy Working Uniform (NWU, or "Blueberries") blouse and pants were still hanging in the closet at home.  Haha!  Joke's on me.  I had my cap, boots, belt, and all the undershirts, just not the important parts.

Amy agreed to run them over to Fed-Ex and send them to me, so that they will arrive tomorrow (Tues), but, I needed to go to the Exchange and buy some khakis to tide me over.  Which I did.  Oh, and some new black shoes.  Fortunately, the nice ladies at the new uniform shop (much larger) agreed to hem the pants for me right away, so that made it easier.  And we didn't actually start the exercise until noon on Monday, so I was able to make the start, although I stood out pretty well from everyone else.  Luckily, I think most people just assume an airline lost my luggage, so, I get some sympathy.  To top it off, this morning, I thought I had lost my wallet.  I hadn't.

If you live in the East, you know today is the continuation of a 3 day deluge.  No different here in Norfolk.  So, after the day ended at 7:45 tonight, we (myself and one of my shipmates who drove this morning to the waterfront) took the long walk from the ship, down the pier to his car, and got soaked in the continuing flood. Got in the car, and within 5 minutes, were broad-sided in the parking lot by an idiot who apparently didn't know what his brakes were for.  My bad luck rubbing off on someone else.  Ever see that commercial where the guys are talking, then all of a sudden, they get broadsided?  That's what it was like, except it was my side getting hit.  It was a parking lot, so, the hit wasn't that hard (no airbags deployed), and I am not sore or anything, but, both cars were undriveable.  Again, not my car, so I was lucky.

I also found out this week that I got another reserve job starting in December.  Back to the submarine force, but staying in Norfolk.  This will likely be my last tour, as I will have 27 years when it runs out, and being unlikely to make Captain, the Navy will force me out at 28 years anyway.  It'll be time to retire then.  But, I said that I would stay in as long as the Navy continued to pay me, and they're going to, and this gives me another 3 years to get an AT in Japan, so, I am going to effort that.

In some good news, Randell got a job today.  She's going to be a hostess weekends (Sa/Su) 8a-2p at IHOP.  Yum.

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