Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ryan's 18th Birthday

This week was Ryan's 18th birthday.  If you remembered, thanks, and, if you remembered and sent him a gift, double thanks.  The note's in the mail to you.

For his birthday, he received an iPhone 3G (because I still can't order a 4G and because they're only $99 right now), some new headphones, Halo Reach, and a trip to visit his girlfriend, Alex, in Mississippi. Of course, as part of that gift, I got a trip to Mississippi, seeing as how Ryan still has no license to drive, nor a car I would trust to go to MS.

Anyway, it's an easy trip from Atlanta to Jackson, and thanks to Priceline, one can stay in a decent hotel for about half price.  If you're willing to take a chance on the hotel Priceline picks for you, I recommend using it to get a great rate. Priceline can be manipulated a little to get you the hotel you choose, but, if you stick to their star ratings, you can good good prices on otherwise expensive hotels.  So, I stayed at the Marriott in downtown Jackson for half the listed price (which isn't much to begin with for a weekend in Jackson, MS).

As WC Fields used to describe Philadelphia, I spent a week in Jackson one Sunday.  Really, I did.

As with many mid-size Southern cities, Jackson's downtown is largely abandoned, except this is the seat of MS's government, so, lawyers offices and churches dominate the landscape.  I took a bunch of pictures, which you can see here.

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