Saturday, June 25, 2011

Recent Events and a new car

There have been a few changes around our house lately, some that you might even have a passing interest in hearing about.  Ryan graduated, which is nice.  He's working nearly full time at a local pizza place, making food and deliveries. 

Ryan's girlfriend, Alex, has joined us for the summer.  Ryan's plans are unclear right now.  He intends to work this year and take classes at Perimeter College and get enough credits and improve his grades to transfer to somewhere the next year.  To where, who knows.

Ran got her license, so, if you're on the roads down here, beware.

In other news, if you didn't here, Josh and Matt, the Friday before Memorial Day, the BMW was rear-ended.

It doesn't look like much damage, but, in the real world, apparently that's enough to make a car totaled.  Because I got a decent settlement on it, I started looking at E36's, but, ultimately, settled to not spend more money and settled on another E30, this 87 325i:

The good is that it's 4 doors, and the a/c works, as does most everything else.  It's got a lot of miles (over 200k), but the interior is like new (one rip), and it's passed it's 2011 emissions test, so that's the end of that (next year it's >25, so no testing). It's had a ton of recent work.  And you can tell it looks brand new.
The bad is the mileage, which is really unknown, since the odometer sort of works.  But, hey, after 200,000 miles, who cares.  No rust, it's been in Georgia it's entire life and the Carfax showed nothing but annual emissions tests.

The other bad is that it's an automatic.  That's bad because it's slow, and boring, but it's good, because everyone here can drive it.  That's also bad.  The other bad is they installed a new exhaust before I took it, and disconnected the battery, and the original BMW radio needs its code to get it alive.  Of course, the 1 key on the pad isn't working, so the code can't be entered.  That's good, because it stinks anyway, so I'm getting one I can use my iPhone with.

So, I apologize to Matt and Josh for allowing some jackleg to rear-end me, but, I came out ahead on the deal.

Hope everyone's Father's Day was fun, and glad everyone's safely home.  The Braves will be in Seattle next week - anyone going?

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